BBQ Smoker Turns Novices Into Cooking Heroes.
Dear Cooking Enthusiast,
My name is Graham Joshua and I’ve been lovingly, and painstakingly hand-crafting quality stainless- steel smoker grills since 1991, in fact the first one ever produced is still in constant use.
I’ve made them clean, healthy and hassle free so anybody, at any cooking level can master this bbq smoker. Home smoking gives your food a distinctive and delicious flavour. And it's as simple as lighting up the barbecue.
With the right equipment at your fingertips smoking your food is easy.
Totally portable and definitely compact, the Togar Oven has to be one of the most versatile ways to cook food. Whether you want to smoke, bake, steam or poach, this smoker oven can do it... High praise? You bet. I have not been as impressed with a cooking source for a long time. The Togar Oven is very easy to assemble, with all the parts slotting into one another. A complete set of instructions is included with each oven. I found the Togar Oven great fun to cook with, and the end results were flavoursome and succulent. If you are going to use the Togar Oven as a smoker, don't worry about your neighbours. I found that negligible smoke escaped from the oven during the smoking process” Lynn Bain - Cooking Corner
Where there’s smoke… there’s flavour
Read what Australian Gourmet magazine had to say when they gave the Togar Oven a test drive…
“Move over chargriling – home smoked food has arrived. This surprisingly speedy and extreme1y versatile cooking method has been pushed to the back burner by most home cooks, probably to avoid potential mess. Nothing could be farther from the truth”.
So, the experts are giving the Togar Smoker Over the big thumbs up. And I invite you to take a closer look at the Togar Oven, regarded as one of the best bbq smokers available. And please check out the smoker recipes as well for some mouth-watering inspiration. If you decide to buy the Togar Oven I’ll throw in some great recipes you can use as well just to make sure you become a cooking hero.
Why is smoked food becoming so popular again?
Because the clean and pure smoking process imparts a unique appearance, flavour and aroma to food. Pre-smoked, commercially- prepared food can now be a thing of the past. You'll be enjoying the taste of freshly smoked fish, tofu, chicken, pork, eggs, vegetables, tempeh, etc. in as little as 10-20 minutes.
This makes the economical Togar smoke oven ideal for restaurant use. Create economical family meals of elaborate gourmet dishes for any occasion.
Take the time now to check out the BBQ smoker information in this site. We have BBQ smoker articles and reviews, smoker recipes and information on how you can buy the Togar BBQ Smoker Oven.
Do you want to cook up a storm in the kitchen, or become a backyard BBQ hero? If you do, the simple and compact Togar Oven will have them coming back for more.
Read what Lynn Bain from Cooking Corner had to say about the Togar Smoker Oven.